Top 5 Reasons Working with Older Adults is Rewarding

Are you considering a career working with older adults? With great career advancement opportunities and a variety of roles available, senior care may be the perfect choice for you. Whether you are just entering the workforce or considering a job change, working with seniors could provide the personal and career fulfillment you are looking for. There are many benefits that make senior care professions worth exploring.

Senior care staff make a meaningful difference in someone’s life every day. Providing compassionate care, supporting emotional and physical health, and offering friendship can have a significant impact on quality of life – for the senior, their family and the caregiver. Along with aging comes a lot of change, and a solid support system helps ease the many transitions older adults will experience. Family members also gain peace of mind when their loved one is supported by caregivers who provide proper care and attention. Plus, caregivers gain personal satisfaction from knowing the comfort they provide enriches the lives of older adults in their care – it’s rewarding. 

Christian Care Communities has been caring for older adults in Kentucky since 1884. We are happy to share our Top 5 Reasons to Work with Older Adults that we’ve learned along the way.

  • Seniors are amazing. Their life stories span states, loves, challenges, and everything in between.  There is a lot we can learn from older adults as we listen attentively, often finding life lessons hidden in their stories. 
  • Secure and growing job sector. There is a strong demand for jobs in senior care and the outlook is very favorable. This industry often allows access to leading-edge technologies, specialized skills training, and other opportunities to advance in professional development. With the aging population, the need for senior care is increasing. As a job that cannot be replaced with technology, this job sector has stability and growing demand.
  • Flexible scheduling. The need for senior caregivers is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows for flexible scheduling to fit your life and needs, whether you are going to school, raising children, or looking for part-time work.
  • Personal development.  A career in senior care is full of personal growth opportunities. You will pick up new skills and strengthen old ones, and these skills are applicable in everyday life as well. Whether caring for another person, event planning, or time management, this career path provides valuable professional and personal growth.
  • Build new friendships and relationships. We enjoy the stories, experiences and humor of residents we care for. We have the unique opportunity to form relationships with our residents. Many of us at Christian Care will tell you that these bonds and emotional connections are the best benefit of working with older adults. 

While there is high demand for senior care roles of all levels, certifications, and abilities, there are many career paths available. Outside of the direct care category, support staff positions include activities, dietary, maintenance, landscaping, janitorial and transportation personnel. Administrative professionals keep the building running efficiently, and can include human resources, marketing, finance, receptionist and accounting roles.

If you are interested in a career in senior living and senior care, we encourage you to visit our Careers page. Watch a video from our CEO, find open positions around Kentucky, learn about our perks and benefits, and even apply online.