Family in Senior Living

Our principles of Faith – Care – Family are central to everything we do at Christian Care Communities. These principles guide everything from our leadership and recruiting, to how we care and our mission.

The principle of ‘Family’ is especially important to how we care. We consider it a privilege to care for God’s most senior children and this is evident in all we do. Our thoughtful approach to senior living is based on many years of successful experience and the commitment to treat residents like family.

The importance of family in a senior’s life is truly immeasurable. Family is often a connection that remains constant. As the saying goes, “you can change your friends but you can’t change your family.” We understand not every senior has family that can play an active role in their life. A senior living community can be helpful for close connections. Studies have shown that having strong relationships are beneficial to senior health.

There is a strong correlation between health and the strength of one’s family-like relationships.

  • Longer life. Older adults who are more socially involved with family and close connections are more likely to live longer than those who remain alone.
  • Improved mental health. Interacting with family and close connections helps remind older adults they are cared about, reducing the feelings of depression.
  • Stronger immune system. Social seniors often have stronger immune systems.
  • Brain health. Older adults who are more socially engaged typically have a higher level of cognitive function.

From Middletown and Corbin, to Grayson and Hopkinsville and everywhere in between, we hear stories of our family connection from the families who have trusted Christian Care with their loved ones.

We want to share some of these recent heartwarming notes with you:

“One of my favorite parts about working here is the people. I’ve gotten to know the residents so well and they feel like my family. Especially during the pandemic, we were each other’s connection to the outside world. We spent a lot of time together and I will always remember those times.” – Shelby, Louisville community employee

“It was a difficult decision to move mom, but within days she was calling Christian Care her ‘home.’  The staff loves and cares for her like their own family. And when I visit, they treat me like family too. This community has brought so much happiness and peace to our lives!” – Julia’s Family, Louisville community resident

“We had a resident last year who had never had his own apartment. We helped him to get into our community, and the day he signed his lease and I gave him the keys, he was the happiest person. I went home and told my husband, today I made a difference in someone’s life. This isn’t just a job, working with older adults is a calling.”  – Mary, Corbin community employee

“This community is my home. My fellow residents have become my family, and the staff too. It’s like our own little neighborhood, we look out for each other, we take care of each other, and check on each other. I’m making so many happy memories here.”  – Mason, Bowling Green resident

When making the decision to transition a loved one to a senior care community, family may have feelings of guilt and stress. Our caring team comes alongside families to assure them we will care for their loved one like our own family. We help through every step of the process, from initial conversation to move-in and beyond.

If you have questions about planning for senior living, please reach out to us. We would be honored to be your resource.

Program Support Center – 502.254.4200