Called to Care

Why your personal mission should match your company’s core values

Christian Care Communities was created with a purpose: To offer a new way of helping older adults achieve the quality of life they deserve. For those who invite us into their lives, no two situations are the same. We care for older adults who want safe and affordable senior living, others who long for assistance with daily living activities, and those managing chronic illness. We’re there for people with disabilities and those recovering from surgery. Regardless of our resident’ circumstances and needs, one thing is consistent: We are called to care for them. To support them. To enrich their lives. To go the extra mile.

What does that mean? It means we value the real, personal connections we have with the older adults in our care. It can be about helping with getting dressed, meal preparation, transportation, medication reminders, travel assistance and so many of the activities that are part of daily life. But for Christian Care, caregiving goes deeper. It’s about cheering on every bit of progress. Honoring every milestone. Celebrating every victory. Capturing every memory. Sharing every heartbreak. For so many residents, we get the opportunity to be more than a service provider. We become an extension of – a part of – the family.

It is Christian Care’s mission of care that attracts so many of our caregivers and administrative staff to our employment.  Some staff will tell you it almost doesn’t even feel like work when your personal mission matches your company’s core values.  It just feels good to come to work knowing we nurture healthy relationships for life. We are receptive to and anticipate the needs of those we serve. We are empowered to create a unique, healthy and comfortable environment. We foster teamwork and collaboration to exceed expectations. And we constantly strive to learn and grow.

It also means that we consider ourselves – we expect ourselves – to be more than caregivers. That’s because we understand that to the older adults we serve, we are problem solvers. Encouragers. Hope givers. Listeners. Huggers. Conversationalists. Smile makers. Confidants. Good friends. And so much more.

Having a clear understanding of what it means to aligning personal values with a workplace culture helps everyone understand what’s the most important in life.  These values translate to your career values – how you function in the workplace. While your company sets the rules and policies, you set your own strategy according to your priorities and own values. It’s how you get the job done.

At Christian Care, when personal and work values align you get:

* better teamwork and work relationships.  This overall compatibility helps in building great working relationships because your teammates carry the same goals, intentions, and passion.  

* increased productivity and commitment.  There is an inner motivator that fuels their drive to complete the task at hand because they know that their contribution has a positive impact on the overall success of the company.  they feel more dedicated not just to show up, but most importantly, to actually perform at a high level. 

*  achievement with greater success.  When everyone pushes the same priorities, they know the right things to do in order to move forward in the right direction.

Here’s our advice. Wherever you want to work and whatever career you pursue, it’s important that you learn to recognize your own values first. You should understand what’s important to you so that you can align with the company’s core values and identify with your company – it’s crucial for long-term success.  When both personal and company values are aligned, there is Stability, Productivity, Teamwork, and Dedication. As a result, overall success is achieved by everyone for everybody’s benefit.

Once that’s set, a rewarding compensation package, an awesome team, and promising career growth will all become an added bonus, making a happy and satisfied employee, which in turn makes for happy older adults at Christian Care Communities.

If you’re still reading and find yourself aligned with our values – come join our team at Christian Care – you’ll be glad you did.  Visit our Careers page at